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VSTS Velocity Dashboard Extension

  • March 23, 2017

I started using Visual Studio Team Services last year to manage internal projects at my company, PCS Group. A large portion of our consultants are .NET and Sharepoint developer. As a scrum master I found that I was not able to put the information that I wanted on the VSTS Dashboard. I decided to put on my developer hat and try my hand at developing a VSTS Dashboard Extension. It's not perfect, but I think sharing this will help a lot of people get a start on creating their own extensions.

You Can't Learn Agile by Reading a Book

  • April 3, 2016

Agile is a journey that requires learning and discovery. You can't learn agile just by reading a book. There are a lot of good books on Agile, Scrum and so on, and you should read some of them. In fact, my point in this post is to start the journey somewhere, because it's the journey that you will learn the most from.

Putting My LED Sign on the Internet

  • March 6, 2016

When I was in school at the University of Illinois in the 90's a particular student project caught my attention. There was a hobby-built LED sign hanging in the Computer Science building hooked up to an email address. You could email the sign and see your message scroll by. Designing and building an LED sign would stretch my skills into new areas. I had a lot to learn about electronics and was really looking forward to coding for a microcontroller. A few years out of school I did end up building an LED sign. I used an Atmel AVR at90s8515 with ...

Try Out a Bootstrap Template

  • Feb. 10, 2016

I went live with a new website this week - the one that hosts this blog at I started out with modest plans for a Bootstrap 3 update, but was soon enticed and inspired by some of the trends that have emerged since I designed my last blog website. I quickly realized that a rewrite from scratch would take some serious time for development and testing. I decided to head over to {wrap}bootstrap and try out a template.